Angie Draws Tarot, Prompt #1: The relationship Between Two Characters

She did it! I finally drew Tarot readings for my fellow writer's. Today I chose to do a spread of the relationship between two characters. Card #1 represents C#1s challenges and their place in a relationship. Card #2 shows the same for C#2 (it's the third card to the right); and, finally, Card #3 (the middle) represents the characters relationships to one another. I chose to interpret the cards as a romantic relationship between two characters. I've cross posted it on my reading blog. Here's a possible reading:

Character 1

Character 1 faces a strange challenge, though they have the upper hand. In order to overcome that test they must stand strong and believe in themselves. It seems daunting, at first, because it is new to them but in the end they will prevail. The mountain represents the challenge, though it can quite literally mean that they're on the top of a flippin' mountain, with a long journey ahead. This could be the quest that C1 is on in order to meet C2.

Character 2

Character 2 wants nothing more than happiness; they're overwhelmingly optimistic. They want to spread their love for the world and people, which can be their downfall. They trust too easily, putting their heart at risk over and over again. However, when C1 meets C2, C1 is in good hands. This relationship may be same sexed. This is the character that falls for C1 first; the outcome is in the third card.

The Relationship as a Whole

Card 3: The relationship between C1 and C2. Where most relationships have failures, C1 and C2s relationship is fiery, spurred on by their common need for the final outcome of their mission. The two characters complement each other's personalities  and the reward for their mission is not only the success of completing it, but also falling in love with each other. Their love will prevail above the challenges they face. Could possibly signify pregnancy, though that may be a metaphor for the relationship they've created--one that continues to grow stronger. 

Leave a comment below with the story or characters you've come up with. Or don't. I won't hold it against you if it's not the way you want to go ;)

Happy Writing!


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