Tarot for Writing Inspiration

If you look at my other blog, you'll see that I posted my review of a deck of Tarot cards a few days ago. I've been collecting Tarot cards for about two years now and I only just started reading them. Usually, I just look at them; they're all so different and all so beautiful in their own way. Well, I should clarify that the Zombie Tarot decks isn't quite "beautiful" than super-flippin' scary while the Steampunk set is inspiring and distracting. Likewise, my Royo Dark set is shocking--I didn't expect pornography when I ordered them! But, you know, things happen for a reason and I was meant to get those cards ;-)

I'll be linking to my explanation of Tarot and what it means to me here. I started reading (or, at least getting excited about) Tarot when I realized that they are perfect for story writing. I have a deck of Storymatic, which is fun, sure, but Tarot tells a whole story, all you have to do it make it your own. You can draw for your characters love life, for their struggles, the circumstances they will face, what will help them achieve their goals, etc. The list goes on and on, there are so many ways to incorporate Tarot readings into fiction.

I'll try to read regularly and when I do I'll post my what I drew and my interpretations of the cards. I hope that'll be useful to you, too.

Happy writing!


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